Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Approach To Space Facts, Patterns And The Sky

"Sky is the azure salver" is a translated quote from a holy song of the sikhs .The sky we see is nothing but  a boundary between us and the vast space.But not only is it a boundary, it is like a screen, a massive movie screen which shows us only the glimpses of the unvierse, just like an exciting trailer to any Marvel or D.C. movie.So, what actually does the sky show us. The answers are many, like sun , the moon, stars, planets like venus, meteors, eclipses and many more.I am although going to talk about one of my favourite aspect related to space science, observing Stars.

It is not only about watching stars,its about the beauty of it. A clear night sky near the villages will show you many stars of which you will lose count if you start counting. In my opinion one musn't count stars like elders ask their children to do. You should let go of your work and just watch them as they glitter throughout the night. People who are creative will like to watch the same thing in a different way.Like when I look at the sky I just don't see a cluster of stars scattered across the gaint screen known as the sky.I see them in different patterns , different shapes and what excites me is the fact that you can play with stars in any way you like and make as many shapes as you like,be it meaningful or not.

Being very fond of astronomy and cosmology, I wonder why would they make such patterns and what would these patterns signify. I don't know the answer and will be willing to find it out as soon as possible.If anyone has any ideas please notify me.I would love to know new things.

Now to talk about patterns,
A Night Sky

Star Pattern For A Couple
See, one can create such patterns and many more. I have given a Night Sky image with numerous stars.I welcome everyone to draw some pattern and post it and if anyone can count the number of stars also can post it, it would be wonderful.

The Geometric Patterns:

The star pattern can have a very important geometrical utility.Let me tell you an incident;
I was at my home when I noticed this phenomenon.One clear night I noticed three stars in a triangular position.I took out a page and drew the rough positions of the stars and the triangle was an equilateral triangle.The surprising thing was that there was another star which was placed absolutely at the centroid of the triangle.Now the case maybe so and may not be also.The outer space or our universe is not a 2-D plane. So the stars can be in a different plane.Now if, the star at the centroid is in a plane perpendicular to the plane of the triangle then, in 3-D concept the pattern turns out to be in the shape of a pyramid.Again there can be many permutation and combination of the planes for the stars and so accordingly the patterns will change. Now if we make a note of all the structures generated and plot them on a single sheet we might get something or some new idea or some proven idea about the movement of the stars and galaxies.

 The Spiral Trajectory :

Also another thing to share,

Another exciting observation was of a spiral pattern.

Once I saw a star quite near to the moon(as it appears from earth).I decided to observe its trajectory around the moon.I noted down the positions of the star at regular intervals of a little more than an hour, and then plotted its trajectory. It was amazing to see that the path of the star was a spiral. This spiral path is although in 2-D plane. In 3-D plane it may give a different path or a same also. Now as the star is moving away from the central point of reference(the moon),then we can propose quite a lot of probabilities,
The star is of the same galaxy(The Milky Way),
The star is of a different galaxy,
as time increases, distance of the star from the central point increases.So, we can say from this that galaxy in which the star is , is shifting,or,if it is of the same galaxy then the star system of which it is a part of is shifting away.So,indirectly from here we can say that the universe is expanding(Note:This can be better shown by radiation spectrum method,which deals with the radiation emitted by the stars).So the known fact can be approached in a different manner in form of patterns and structures.No one knows may this only will lead to some great discovery about the universe.

Author's Notes :

I am a first year student of IIT Kharagpur,Metallurgy and Material Science Department,West Bengal,India. This is my first blog and my first post.To be frank I have no experience about blog writing and so could not make this quite attractive.If you have any suggestions please notify me how I can make this better.Also, if anyone finds any fact or theory wrongly written in this blog,please notify me so that I can make the corrections.As this is a startup blog by me I , am bound to make mistakes so please share them to me.

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